I would like to give you a behind the scenes look into my life. I do the best that I can on a daily basis to be the shining light in the lives of others. I open doors for women and sometimes men as well. I greet people with a warm smile, hello and when I can a big hug. I have a rule in my life that I cannot go to sleep unless I help 6 people a day to laugh.

 Me after the cerebral hemorrhage in 2006.

Me after the cerebral hemorrhage in 2006.

I do have my down days as well and have had many challenges in my life. I make a lot of mistakes and do my best to learn from them. My health has been a challenge since 2006 when I went through a cerebral hemorrhage and almost died. I had a very successful construction business, a wonderful family, new cars and a nice house at that time, I lost them all.

This was my turning point. Through what others thought was tragedy, I found gifts. It’s in the darkest days that we can find the brightest light and that’s what happened for me. I lost my smile, joy and happiness. By starting my smile campaign and project to share my smile with 10 Million others it refocused my energy and I’ve come out the other side a much better man than I was before.

Along my new path I have been blessed with the abilities to see and feel the best in the world around me. I have taken those gift’s and shared them with others along the way. Speaking at the University of Miami, Dade County School Board, my old Jr. High school brought joy to my heart. Events like “Happiness in the Park” at Gulf Stream Park, “Smile and Wave America Day” at Sun Life Stadium during a Miami Dolphins football game gave me great please but what has really defined me and who I am, was my walk up the Southeast Coast.


It was an adventure of 2,000 miles and many smiles. Walking for 277 days without a plan and only $200 in my pocket helped me to prove a point. I was able to prove that people are amazing, that letting go and living life one moment at a time is very powerful.

I never fully understood the power inside of us all, until I put one foot in front of the other and just kept going no matter what. Now I am at that point where I am blessed to share that knowledge with others through my book “10 Million Smiles From FL to NY”, speeches, workshops and trainings. I love what I do and have dedicated my life to sharing what was so powerful in shaping my own life.

I may not be perfect but, everything I share I will share from my heart.